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By John-Paul Flintoff

I started this website in 2000, as somewhere to archive articles I wrote for the Financial Times. I’ve added several hundred other stories, written for many other newspapers and magazines.

But in recent years, since publishing Sew Your Own, and How To Change The World, I have added content that was never written for a newspaper. It was more like a blog, but without the clear purpose, or the consistency, of a great blog.

In 2014, with hundreds of people signed up to my newsletter, I decided to commit myself to the blog in 2015. I would use it as a place to record and share what I have learned as a writer, performer, teacher, coach – and ordinary human being. I called it speak/listen because I’ve always been mesmerised by the power of conversations to change people’s lives.

I’m writing this in January 2015, before the new blog pages have even been designed properly, because I want to get it out there at once. I hope you will find it interesting and useful – and that by leaving comments you might make it even more interesting, and even more useful, for others.

Posted: January 1, 2015