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John-Paul Flintoff

Sales and marketing, for nice people who hate that kind of thing 5 of 5

WATCH THIS (it gets worse before it gets better)

If you have watched the previous four films in this series, you know that I have thought carefully about sales and marketing.

But that doesn't stop me having fun with the idea.

I might add that, when I trained in theatrical improvisation, I wasn't specifically looking for a way to become better at sales. That was a side effect.

Also, it's not half as important as my experience as a writer and editor on some of the best publications in the English language.

But the combination is very powerful. Today, I find myself working with huge companies and non-profits, sharing the things I have learned.

And I really enjoy doing that.

But what I like most is working with individuals, who sign up with me because they can't take it any more.

People like you, perhaps…

People with something great to offer the world, but tired of struggling to share that good stuff with others…

And struggling to get paid for it.

So I've created a four-week course, for people just like you.

Just like you? Really? Did I REALLY say that cheesy marketing thing? Yes I did. Because it's true. You see, even though we may never have met, I KNOW this would suit you. Why else would you be here, reading this? Maybe it wasn't cheesy after all.

So: if you want to know what's in my course, and how it could help you to financial freedom, keep reading.

What you'll learn

  1. Identify and change unhelpful thinking about “sales”, and about money generally
  2. Gain a better understanding of what you have to share, and how valuable it is
  3. Find your ideal customers and see just how big your potential market is
  4. Build your website so that customers clamour to see the hidden content
  5. Set up payment systems on it
  6. Drive traffic to your site using social media
  7. Map your customer journey
  8. Use film and live online sessions to educate and inspire
  9. Build an email list, and segment it so that you can treat individuals as individuals
  10. Create powerful marketing emails, and send enough but not too many
  11. Sell face to face, dealing with objections and other blocks as they arise, so that you can:
  12. Close a sale to everybody's benefit

If this is something you need, sign up here:

Count me in!