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Does money hold you back?

What gets in your way? What stops you from doing what you really want to do? For too many people, it’s money.

I did some work with The School of Life, in partnership with the credit experts Experian. O…

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FIVE STEPS to control of your money

If you are struggling with money, you may think your situation is unique, and that nobody ever had it as bad as you do. And you may be right.

But we all have our own difficulties. The most important d…

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How to talk about money?

It’s not always easy to talk about money. Many people find it excruciating. Recently, I made a film for a financial services company, in which I talked to young people about their own feelings about…

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I have worked with thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, artists and change-makers, in the UK and across four continents. Read what they say.

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“Why wait until the new year to make the difference you want to see in your life? Hearing @jpflintoff talk so open and honestly about some of the small #FirstSteps that we can each take to make positive changes in our lives was such a refreshing and invigorating experience.”
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Helping people escape debt

“Look at this,” says Faisel Rahman, clutching a photocopied loan application with the applicant’s name carefully blanked out. “They’re charging 555.4% APR.”

How much?

But he’s moved on. “Or look at thi…

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What if you go bust?

A meeting room in Essex. Bright lights, long table, blue carpet. On the wall, a signed photograph of the actor David Jason. As an icon to preside over insolvency proceedings, it would be hard to think…

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Soros: "I'm not a skin-flint"

It’s like a Greek tragedy,” the billionaire George Soros tells me. “You can see the trouble coming, and you can’t avoid it.”

Welcome to global economic meltdown. Petrol prices are shooting up, staple f…

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