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John-Paul Flintoff

Me, in brief

I'm an author. A performer. I make things. I run a business. I teach all this to others, and I'm always learning.

In 2010 I lost my writing contract after several glorious years as writer and associate editor on some of the best newspapers and magazines in English (The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, and more).

I haven't looked back. Since then, I've done things I'd only previously dreamed of…

…like designing my own range of commercial ceramics, sewing my own clothes (down to the underpants), crowd-funding a historical novel, and training hardened prisoners (among many others) in theatrical improvisation.

I'm British. Tall, left-handed. I wear size 11 shoes. Ride a Brompton bicycle, drive a G-Wiz. Own a piano. Enjoy painting and drawing.

I'm sometimes for hire. You can contact me here.