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John-Paul Flintoff

Impro Ninja Business Builder

Hey – I'm so pleased you popped in. You're still in time to join my entirely new coaching programme, which I'm calling Impro Ninja…

… because it draws on improvisational theatre training, but also on the other kind of improvisation: rustling up something wonderful, using whatever's already available.

Something that might become an entirely new income stream, or a change in career.

So, if you want to do something dramatic to turn things around in your life, and create an entirely new Thing, in six weeks, I think you should join me.

Whatever it is, you'll need to “sell” it at some point, and the focus of this particular course is very much on getting you ready to do that. Not just psychologically, but with all the right mechanics in place.

I think this will give you the most fantastic benefit. And I'm really excited for you.

I expect you're feeling quite excited about it too…

But you are also probably starting to worry. Will it be worthwhile? Will you really pull it off? Is this guy Flintoff any good?

Which is why I'm offering you 45 minutes of my time, entirely free, just to see how you like it.

In fact, I will pay YOU £50.00 afterwards if you think your time was wasted. (Yes, you read that correctly. Nobody has ever asked for the money back, but that's OK…!)

Of course, I can't help everybody. So here's what I want you to do. Just send me an email telling me briefly a) what you do currently, b) what your goals are, and c) what your biggest challenge is.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks! I can't wait to hear from you.