John-Paul Flintoff: 40 days of coaching

John-Paul Flintoff

40 days of coaching

Stop feeling stuck and start something amazing

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What you get

In this 6 week coaching course, I will personally help you to:

  1. set ambitious, achievable goals
  2. overcome perfectionism
  3. silence your inner critic
  4. balance work with life
  5. learn to be confident
  6. dare to take risks
  7. find your purpose
  8. access your creativity
  9. seize enjoyment in what you do
  10. create better habits
  11. stop hiding parts of yourself, and use it ALL
  12. find allies, and ask for help

This course has been designed to be released over six weeks, to give you time to absorb fully all the lessons in it. Your time is precious, and I will NOT be sending you something every day!

What people say

“How have I changed, since the coaching started? I’m more confident to express myself. I’m more curious. I’m less fragile about trying things. I’m better at asking for feedback. I feel more connected” – Martin, social entrepreneur

“John-Paul spoke my language. He helped me get out of my own way. He made me even more confident – no mean feat! Best of all, JP inspired me enough to add life coaching as another string to my bow” – Michael, actor

“I thought, maybe we can make a bit of headway and you, like, ballooned it and it was, wow, what have we got? You have some kind of magic there”
- Liz, entrepreneur

Money back guarantee

If you complete the course, and remain unsatisfied, I promise a total refund, without any quibbles. I only ask that you talk to me about what I could have done better, so that I can keep improving what I do.


Standard price for 6 weeks coaching with me: £1440.00
If you buy now: £195 plus £39 VAT