John-Paul Flintoff: Journalism

John-Paul Flintoff


People who have been kind about my journalism include the documentary maker Michael Moore, the film and theatre director Richard Eyre and the late Nobel-winner Harold Pinter, who commented: “Very good. Very funny… In fact, it made me laugh.”

I have written for many English language newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The New Statesman, CNBC Business, Esquire, Harpers Bazaar, Intelligent Life and Wallpaper. For eight years, I worked for The Sunday Times (of London), and before that I was a writer and editor on The Financial Times Magazine.

JP Flintoff, working at the offices of the Financial Times. Picture: Richard Cook

I’ve interviewed a huge range of people, including Hollywood actors, rock stars, sportsmen, artists, religious leaders, criminals, and their victims, politicians, financiers, Nobel-winning scientists, philanthropists and any number of “ordinary” people who have had extraordinary experiences. (The best thing about being a journalist is meeting people.)

What I liked more than anything was to write journalism about experiences I had. These included, among much else: cleaning windows on the outside of Britain’s (then) tallest building, working for a minicab company and driving people around London at all hours, and joining the cast of a London pantomime, for the whole of the rehearsals and into performance.