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"Expert In Residence" - what happened next?

By John-Paul Flintoff

People of Mash!

It’s been a while since I came in and spent a week with you, as an expert in residence…

And I wanted to give you some kind of report.

Back then, I was utterly unsure what might happen, as I told a few people on Facebook at the time:

2 mins 14 secs

It didn’t quite work out that way.

We didn’t play any impro games, for instance – and your loos got blocked up, so the whole building shut down, and I missed out on my last day.

But hey! Still worked out splendidly, and I hope you can hear my excitement as I walked home one evening:

3 mins 14 secs

I was a bit cagey in that second video. Didn’t say exactly where my residency was, because I didn’t want to break any kind of confidentiality

And you’ll see that I didn’t share it widely. Probably just nervous that nothing would come of it all.

But in fact wonderful things have happened.

You may possibly recall that I had designed a pair of mugs, to make conversation easier:

And that Fiona had suggested (shortly before my residence) that they could be extended to be a kind of portfolio product…

…different versions of the mugs for different companies / organisations etc.

Blew my mind, that idea

And in my meetings you gave me lots of ideas and encouragement, and sketches (Glen).

Well, I’ve recently started piloting the idea with the first organisation I approached: my own phone and broadband supplier, The Phone Co-op.

They’re quite keen on conversations, as you can imagine.

And mugs, as I may have mentioned before, are a kind of analogue comms device (if not quite like this):

Soon, I’ll be starting work with other brands and membership organisations. Yay!

Several have shown interest already – it turns out that lots of people are keen on conversations.

If you are not already dying of boredom, you might like to see what I created with The Phone Co-op, on a website specially set up to promote the 1 Million Conversations movement (Glen’s idea again).

Below I’ve posted links to the three short videos in our campaign to get members involved.

But before you look, please leave a comment below.

Tell me if I’m missing a trick! Or just say hi, so I know you’ve popped in.

First video: https://1millionconversations.com/yvc1/
Second: https://1millionconversations.com/yvc1/yvc2/
Third: https://1millionconversations.com/yvc1/3yvc/

Er, they’re live, and designed for Phone Co-op members. Just saying.

I know you won’t go in and start cheerleading for, say, Vodafone. :-/


PS.> I really mean it! Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear what you think.

Posted: November 1, 2017