John-Paul Flintoff

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I have spoken at TEDx events internationally, and at venues as prestigious as The Barbican, The Royal Festival Hall, Clarence House and Stormont Palace.

I have worked with major global companies (including Nokia, Channel 4, American Express, Ogilvy & Mather, Selfridges, Fitch, Vodafone, Microsoft and Google), national government bodies, professional associations, health service trusts and educational bodies (Central St Martins, The Royal College of Art, and London Business School).

I also speak and run workshops for members of the public, at major venues and in libraries, among faith groups, and at schools. (Scroll down to see feedback.)

Most importantly, and happily, I’m a member of the faculty at The School of Life.

Upcoming events

What people have said

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It was not only very good of you to trust us with a slightly bonkers and highly imperfect format but you are just so great in front of a live audience!” – Lucy Siegle, One Show presenter

“What can I say? You’ve been a big hit here – the feedback from events has been great. I am already dreaming up mad schemes for you to take part in next year” – Adrian Turpin, Festival Director, Wigtown Book Festival

“Gave a very moving, inspiring, almost evangelical call to action which sent me a bit mental for a bit. In a good way” – Helen Bagnall, Salon

“Thank you so much for your powerful and eloquent close to the Festival of the World Summit” – Fi Cunningham, Southbank Centre

“After your presentation I heard several people speak enthusiastically about their plans to start changing the world within 48 hours. A doctor decided to visit his old and lonely mother that very afternoon. My wife decided to volunteer in working with children of fugitives (she actually sent an application the next day), a journalist who sat next to me decided on the spot to write an article against factory farming, to be published shortly” – Thijs Broer, Amsterdam

“Thank you – you were brilliant!” – David Roberts, creative director, Fitch (London)

“John-Paul was one of the most inspirational speakers I have listened to. What really spoke to me was his humour about life and the world we find ourselves in and the little anecdotes that were thrown it to keep it light. It reminded me that making a difference can be fun – it isn’t all about the hairshirt and the sacrifice. A very excellent all round good person who didn’t preach” – Sam Sparrow, Catch 22 charity

“A fantastic contribution – the final slot in a basement on the first day of summer is never going to be easy, and [they] loved it!” – Caroline Brimmer, The School of Life

“You would make a really fantastic stand-up should you ever want a change in career” – Sarah Nicholl, co-founder, Transition Belsize

“The Lower Prep were astounded… the best assembly we’ve ever had, and we have them every week. We are all inspired and motivated” – North Bridge House school, London

“An excellent and entertaining evening, much appreciated by all who attended” – Amanda Woolley, manager, Friends House London

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