John-Paul Flintoff

Creativity 1

How to be more creative

One of the main reasons we don’t achieve as much as we could is the belief that we aren’t ready – or that our work will never be good enough.

Drawing on my own training at art school, in theatrical improvisation and as a coach – and the lessons I learned as a journalist, talking to some of the world’s leading creative minds – I help individuals and groups to access more of their own, natural creativity.

Punk motivation?

How to change the world

“Amazing. We thought you would be quite good but had no idea how good. The exercises were a great way for people to engage with each other, and taught us a lot about ourselves”Google Creative Labs


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Creativity is freedom

When you are being creative, you are free.

This beautiful idea, which I first learned from the Dutch writer Johan Huizinga, is something I love to see when I’m running workshops.

In this training works…

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Creativity 2

How to stop blocking yourself

They call it ‘writer’s block’, but I think it affects everybody. One minute, the creativity is pouring out of you – then, boom! You stop, set aside the work you love, and fall prey to dark thoughts. T…

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Where do great ideas come from?

How to silence your inner critic

I don’t know what yours is like, but mine is small. He’s got a shaved head, and dark shadows under his bulging eyes. He generally looks worried, and avoids eye contact, but sometimes he stares boldly,…

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Daring to call myself an artist

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Creativity 3

My own line of ceramics

Teaching impro in prison

Ever since I first discovered the life-enhancing and mind-expanding benefits of Impro, I’ve been dying to run workshops in prisons.

So when Adrian Turpin, of Wigtown Book Festival, asked me to talk ab…

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What does failure look like?

I didn’t set out to fall flat on my face. But how fantastic that it was captured on film.

When I first watched the raw, unedited footage, I felt like I might die of shame. Then I watched it a few more…

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What materials do you need?

You can be creative using very special materials, or you can use just about anything.

The hand-made books in these pictures contain pages made out of, among other things, brown paper bags that once hel…

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