John-Paul Flintoff: How to be a boss, without being an arse

John-Paul Flintoff

How to be a boss, without being an arse

Got your attention, did I?

Are people complaining about the way you run your team, company or organisation? Do you routinely put people’s backs up? Are you constantly on their case?

Are people too scared of you to give honest feedback?

Or are you lucky – lucky enough to have someone tell you that you are sometimes a bit of an arse?

(They wouldn’t tell you that if they didn’t like you. They’d just look for a new job.)

If this describes you, you have my sympathy.

But you don’t need my sympathy. You just want to change something, so that the problem goes away: you just want to get things done, without being horrid.

Being liked is just a bonus.

And that’s great. Because it’s entirely possible.

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