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Conversations that change everything

Sometimes, when you talk to somebody, you can discover a whole new way of thinking about your life

But what is it about those conversations that makes them so special?

That’s a question I tried to address in this TEDx talk at Stormont, in Northern Ireland

On this page, I’m posting short interviews with other people – all kinds of other people – about conversations that have been important to them.

Conversations that change everything

“The gravity of the decision paralysed me”Martin Pistorius is the author of Ghost Boy. For 14 years, he was trapped inside his body and completely unable to communicate

“I just couldn’t stop crying” – but a friend asked the networking guru Carole Stone what she was really crying for, and the tears stopped

“It made me feel free… I got on a plane and went” – Explorer and adventurer Robert Twigger on the end of a relationship

“Go against the current” – author Tahir Shah on a conversation with the late travel writer Wilfred Thesiger that changed his outlook on life…

“Magic moments happen when you need them” – Writer and coach Gaylene Gould on a surprise meeting in the street

“But everyone else has a PhD!” – Chief adventurer Steve Chapman on being given the confidence to work with people who seemed so much more qualified

“She became instantly, within minutes, my best friend”Henry Kimsey-House, co-founder of the Coaches Training Institute, and one of the first luminaries of the coaching movement, on meeting a stranger who created instant rapport

Collecting conversations

What conversations have you had that changed your life dramatically?

What was so decisive? Was it the things you heard, or were you in an unusually open state?

Take a look at some of these films, and then please leave your own story, in the space for comments below.

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