John-Paul Flintoff

Conversations 1

Conversation revolution

What does it take to create meaningful connection? A hot drink! To start a revolution in conversations, I’m taking specially designed mugs, and tea, to help strangers talk together. I’m doing it on street corners and at special events.

Conversations that change everything

What is it that makes for a life-changing conversation? Almost nothing significant happens without a conversation triggering it – or a conversation to make sense of it afterwards. What were yours?

I’m making a film, asking people for theirs. This is the trailer.

Conversations 2

What does yours say?

I designed the mugs to be mass produced and sold by The Department Store For The Mind. You can buy your own, here.

The conversations that don’t happen

Sometimes the important conversations are the ones that never take place. I asked the adventurer Joe Simpson (author of Touching The Void) about conversations between him and his late father.

Conversations 3

The power of speaking and listening

When you talk to somebody honestly, you discover a whole new part of yourself. And if you listen well, they can do that too. I talk about how that happens in this TEDx, recorded in Stormont, Northern Ireland.

Studs Terkel gave voice to all

Studs Terkel, the American broadcaster and oral historian, used to strike up conversations with people everywhere… I’ve been inspired by his work, and will be writing more about him soon.