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How to communicate better

How to communicate better

I have worked on communication with thousands of people, in several countries. Here’s a short film about something I did with The Royal College of Arts in London:

All day, every day, we improvise

In my workshops and talks, I like to create surprise, and be playful – perhaps throwing in my interest in theatrical improvisation, from which we can all learn so much about the way we behave in everyday life.

Being straightforward - or not

Every day, from the moment we wake till the moment we go to sleep, we do out best to avoid being seen as mad, bad or wrong.

As part of this general approach, we often pretend to understand things that…

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Communication 2

Who do I work with?

“Amazing. We thought you would be quite good but had no idea how good. The exercises were a great way for people to engage with each other, and taught us a lot about ourselves”Google Creative Labs


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What if everybody was interesting and attractive?

How to silence your inner critic

I don’t know what yours is like, but mine is small. He’s got a shaved head, and dark shadows under his bulging eyes. He generally looks worried, and avoids eye contact, but sometimes he stares boldly,…

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Conversations that change everything

I’m making a film about the conversations that have changed people’s lives. Here’s the trailer:

Communication 3

Be Yourself In Any Language

We did it as children. We sometimes do it with people we know well. And we see other people do it on TV. But in practice, many of us struggle to speak naturally. We feel we can’t be truly “ourselves”…

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Everything is feedback

I was running a workshop on “communication at work”. I’d arrived with a plan, but (as usual) invited the group of 30 or so people before me to help design the session by telling me what they wanted fr…

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How to collaborate - a map

Have you ever been given an opportunity, and not realised until some time later how fantastic it was?

I have. And sometimes, sadly, I’ve not seized the opportunity I was offered, so I never got the cha…

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