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John-Paul Flintoff



I teach storytelling to businesses and fellow writers – showing that anybody can learn to inspire, educate and persuade an audience.

I’m an award-winning journalist, writer and editor on some of the world’s leading English papers and magazines.

I’ve published five books, in 16 different languages.

“Very good. Very funny… In fact, it made me laugh”
- Harold Pinter, writer and Nobel Prize winner

“It’s not often we have a paragon on the show… very funny”
– Jane Garvey, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour



Not everybody wants to be a performer on stage, but improvisational theatre can teach you so much, about:

- leadership and social interaction,
- storytelling, and
- being ready for anything, just as you are.

I’ve used impro games and exercises in my work with some of the biggest and best companies in the world.

“Amazing. We thought you would be quite good but had no idea how good”
- Google Creative Labs

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I talk about changing the world, being more creative and having better conversations.

I’ve spoken to audiences of as many as 5,000 people, on four continents.

“You’re like Brene Brown, but with more physical comedy…”
– Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic

“John-Paul Flintoff is the most practical dreamer I know”
– Philippa Perry, BBC Television

"We love you JP"
- Alain de Botton, founder, The School of Life