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Rodin's thinker reading How To Change The World You know how it feels…

You can see exactly where everybody is going wrong.

You find yourself delivering lectures to people who didn’t ask for them – and don’t want to listen.

So you retreat online, looking for something that might help, only to find things that make you feel WORSE: depressed, irritable – and no fun to be around.

The things you find, in the dark corners of the internet, confirm all your worst fears. Everything looks SO bleak.

Believe me, I’ve been there… Continue

… or just change your life

I coach people like you, using skills developed over 20 years working with high-achievers in government, business and the arts. The best thing you can do is download my FREE coaching form, and start changing your life at once.

Next, get this problem-solving map (pictured), called What’s Bugging You?.

It will help resolve any problem, so you’ll never complain about anything again, and everybody will find you extremely good company. Buy now….

You’re like Brene Brown, but with more physical comedy…
- Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic

John-Paul Flintoff is the most practical dreamer I know
- Philippa Perry, BBC Television

It’s not often we have a paragon on the show… very funny.
- Jane Garvey, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

We love you JP
- Alain de Botton, founder, The School of Life

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I give sensational talks all over the place, about changing the world, being more creative and having better conversations.

(Want a talk? Please provide a soap box)

One Million Conversations

Question: What does it take to create a real connection? Answer: A hot drink!

With friends, I’m aiming to inspire no fewer than One Million Conversations. (I know, right!) Not just bland chat, but conversations that zing. Conversations that move, inspire, and bring together.

Please help us to reach our target by inviting us to your company, organisation or group.

Our approach is designed to work in homes, too. With my wife, Harriet Green, I co-wrote a workbook, published by Faber in the UK and others elsewhere, to help you capture exactly what makes your family unique.

Step into my office…

Recently, I ran what may turn out to have been my LAST EVER public class at a certain well-known venue in London. It was a total smash.

At the end, when I told people this was the end, a few literally howled, which was enormously gratifying.

WHY???!!!!, they asked.

One even promised to make an official objection. (I tried to talk her out of it.)

You see, what’s coming next is even better…

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Persuade, educate, inspire

Many people struggle to keep the attention of their audience. And if your livelihood depends on attention, that’s a BIG problem…

Allow me to share a storytelling tip that I learned when I was taken hostage by the multimillionaire rock star Gene Simmons, of KISS.

I’d gone to interview him for The Sunday Times. He locked me in a windowless room, and told me to keep the noise down. Keep reading…

Learn to improvise

The secrets of improvisational theatre are priceless…

Not because everybody wants to be a performer on stage, but because impro can teach you so much about your “performance” in everyday life. For me, training with Keith Johnstone, over several years, changed everything.

Use your hands

True improvisers don’t just perform. We also make things, by playing with physical stuff.

Sew Your Own My book Sew Your Own is the true account of my attempt to save the planet by making my own clothes (really!).

It was variously described (by other people) as wonderful, amazing, funny, warm, inspiring, moving and utterly brilliant.

This website was set up in 1999, as an archive of my writing on the best newspapers and magazines in English.

I still have more than 1,001 stories here, but I’ve hidden most of it. Mua-HA-hahaha!.

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