John-Paul Flintoff

"Life-affirming... will help you work out how to transpose your most valuable ideas into reality" – Mary Anne Hobbs

I'm a speaker

I have spoken at major events in the UK and internationally.

“Gave a very moving, inspiring, almost evangelical call to action which sent me a bit mental for a bit. In a good way” – Helen Bagnall, Salon

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Even when you reach the top of your field, you can find productive opportunities for improvement, and I’m proud to work with people and businesses hungry to do that. (Click here to see who they are.)

Together we can look at your whole business, your board, your teams and your customers, and explore ways to push through your limits to become the best you can possibly be.

Are you looking for help making change happen, or with creativity and collaboration, or communication skills?

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I also work with individuals, as a coach. No matter how successful you already are, I can help you to find new opportunities at work, and to create the kind of life you want. If you’ve not been coached before, the best thing to do is try it… Email me: john-paul [at] flintoff [dot] org

I'm an author

GUIDE How to Change The World

Rodin's thinker reading How To Change The World How To Change The World, published in 14 languages, will help to identify what matters most to you (not me), and ways to overcome the obstacles that might hold you back. Find out more

WORKBOOK The Family Project

What makes you who you are? Where do you come from? What will you leave behind? With my wife Harriet Green, I’ve created a workbook that will help you to capture exactly what makes your own family unique.

MEMOIR Sew Your Own

Sew Your Own Sew Your Own is the true account of my attempt to save the planet by making my own clothes (really!)

It was variously described (by other people) as wonderful, amazing, funny, warm, inspiring, moving and utterly brilliant.

MEMOIR Comp: A Survivor’s Tale

The story of my time as a pupil at one of Britain’s most celebrated/notorious state schools, with a bit of polemic thrown in too. “A marvellous account of growing up rough in West London” (The Times Literary Supplement), “Hilarious, hair-raising” (The Sunday Times)

NOVEL What If The Queen Should Die?

My first novel is a literary-historical comedy-thriller. It was published by Unbound in 2016. Before that, I asked 25 people to review the manuscript. To see what they said, click here

MAP: What’s Bugging You?

I joined forces with Mapology Guides to create a problem-solving map. In designing it, we kept coming up against things that bugged us, and having to find ways to fix them. Which was, of course, delightfully, the whole point.

I'm a journalist

For several years, I wrote for the Sunday Times (of London). Before that, I was feature writer and associate editor on the Financial Times magazine. See also this.

I have written for many English language newspapers and magazines, including:

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Recently, I was given a fiendish challenge. To combine my interest in conversation, mindfulness and coaching – in a range of commercial homeware. Click here to find out more.

I also make handmade-books, and teach others to do the same.