John-Paul Flintoff: Actually doing the exercises

John-Paul Flintoff

What is The Family Project?

Discover your family story

We’re John-Paul Flintoff and Harriet Green – we’re married, with a daughter. As journalists, we’ve helped thousands of people tell their stories. And we’ve written The Family Project to help YOU disco…

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What can you put in The Family Project?

We made this video, on my phone, to get across the idea that The Family Project is interactive.

The job was made more difficult by a) me spilling coffee on lots of the drawings and b) the fact that we all had terrible colds – as you can probably hear.

Please explain The Family Project while decorating this egg

Draw or write your earliest memories

The Guardian invited five writer-illustrators to draw or write their earliest memories – an exercise from The Family Project. (I was one of them.)

Click on the picture to see, in close-up, the wonderf…

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Actually doing the exercises

Beautiful, heartfelt fragments

“How to tell your family story” sounds simple enough. But when you start to think about it – where do I start? what should I leave out? – the whole thing can become so overwhelming, that we do nothing…

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How to customise your cover

There’s a space on the cover, so you can put your own name on it: “The ______ Family Project”. But what kind of pen works on the shiny surface? Tina Bernstein finds out

The Rules

The Family Project is a handbook for creative discovery, so feel free to experiment. But if you like structure, here are some rules (choose whichever ones you like).

  1. Making a mess may be necessary
  2. Mista…

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Part memoir, part scrapbook, part game

“A little while ago, a husband and wife journalist duo sat down to create a book that celebrated the idea of family…” This blog post, from the delightful people who designed the book, explains how we…

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Please share your work!

We want to see what you have done, so we can share it with others. When you share, please use the hashtag: #familyproject

The Family Project, on BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live

It's about you

Conversations with relatives

How easy is it to talk to your relatives, beyond the superficial? One of the people who inspired us in creating The Family Project was my friend, the author Roman Krznaric. In this short film, he tells me about some powerful conversations he had with his father.

The Family Project goes global

We’re really excited that The Family Project is getting attention from publishers and readers overseas, and want to share some of the responses to exercises in the book.

This page shows two beautiful…

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Our so-called Masterclass: what happened?

Our so-called Masterclass at The Guardian – the first ever time I worked alongside Harriet at a LIVE event with an audience – passed without evil or harm this evening.

(Well, Harriet did stick her ton…

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The Family Project: plates, bowls, mugs?