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About this blog

By John-Paul Flintoff

how to change the world is a blog about the pleasures and pains of living among other human beings.

It's about finding ways to take others into account without overlooking our own wants and needs.

The blog features writing on: authenticity, change-making, connection, curiosity, creativity, collaboration, getting things done, happiness, and the pursuit of meaning – in both our working and our private lives.

Sometimes I post about things that happened to me. Sometimes about other people. To avoid breaching confidence, I check with the people who appear in the posts to see that they're happy with what I write – but even then, I may change identifying details.

My name is John-Paul Flintoff. (That's me on the left.) I'm married, with a daughter, and we live in London. I've been a writer all my working life, but I've done a lot of other things too.

Over the years I have also worked as bin man, executive PA, scuba diver, poet, taxi driver, tailor, gardener, ice-cream salesman, hairdresser, assistant undertaker, bit-part player in pantomime, waiter, illustrator, high-wire window cleaner, photographer, very amateur boxer, karaoke singer, rat catcher, and more.

I’m mad keen on making things: drawings, paintings, prints, handmade books, bread and clothing being some of my favourites.

Posted: January 1, 2015