John-Paul Flintoff

"His sometimes oddball thirst for self-reliance is by turns funny and touching" – Tony Rollinson, Permaculture

I'm a journalist

For several years, I wrote for the Sunday Times (of London). Before that, I was feature writer and associate editor on the Financial Times magazine.

I have written for many English language newspapers and magazines, including:

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Mum, come save me

Two weeks ago, Samantha Raw was eating dinner with her daughter Camille when her phone rang. It was her friend Kevin. “We think you should come and see something,” he said.

Her heart sank. Whatever it…

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I'm an author

Coming soon: Queen Who?

My first novel, about the final days of Queen Anne, is a literary-historical comedy-thriller. (Yes, I can have it all.)

Here are 10 reasons why you (yes, even you) need to read this novel

BOOK: How to Change The World

Rodin's thinker reading How To Change The World How To Change The World, published in English and 13 other languages, will help to identify what matters most to you (not me), and ways to overcome the obstacles that might hold you back.

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BOOK: Sew Your Own

Sew Your Own My previous book, Sew Your Own, was variously described (by other people) as wonderful, amazing, funny, warm, inspiring, moving and utterly brilliant.

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Coming soon: The Family Project

Genealogy is great, but what about the people who are still living? With my wife Harriet Green, I’m creating a workbook that will help you to capture exactly what makes your own family unique, for publication in 2015.

I'm a speaker

Talks, Workshops, Consultancy

I have spoken at major events in the UK and internationally.

I’ve appeared alongside speakers such as Alain de Botton, Benjamin Zephaniah, Elizabeth Gilbert, Stelios Haj-Iouanni, Roman Krznaric, Rob Da Bank, Werner Herzog, David de Rothschild, Robert Twigger, Cat Stevens, Peter Tatchell, Piper Kerman and Vivienne Westwood.

“Gave a very moving, inspiring, almost evangelical call to action which sent me a bit mental for a bit. In a good way” – Helen Bagnall, Salon

I have worked with major global companies, as well as professional associations, health service trusts and high security prisons.

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I also work with individuals, as a coach. I can help you to find out what makes you tick, what kind of life you want, and how to get it. If you’ve not been coached before, the best thing to do is try it… Email me: john-paul [at] flintoff [dot] org